Tax Services

Bradford Tax & Accounting Network offers a full range of tax services. Taxes can have a big impact on your financial future, that’s why our clients count on us to approach their tax planning and preparation with the highest level of accuracy.

Tax Preparation

More than just preparing your tax return, Bradford Tax & Accounting Network teams study the latest tax laws to ensure our client’s returns optimize every cost-saving credit or deduction available. Our teams are made up of a Certified Public Accountant and tax specialists who maintain up to 12 hours of continuing education each year. Coupling continuing education with decades of experience means our clients have a team behind them working to reduce their tax liability so they can enjoy more of the income they earn.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is all about applying sound strategies as you journey through your income-earning years. Bradford Tax & Accounting Network works with you to understand your current financial needs and your tax liability; we then apply strategies to help you better plan for what’s ahead.

  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Income Structuring
  • Business Strategic Planning

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Need 2021 Tax Worksheets?

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