Jarrod Raimann

In this series of Spotlights on Our Financial Planners, we introduce the faces of Bradford’s Financial Advisory team. They might be familiar faces or voices you hear on your Bradford calls, but let’s dive deeper into who these folks are personally and in your community.

For 10 years, Jarrod has been active in the financial planning and insurance industry and serves as a Senior Trader and Management Services Specialist overseeing all in-house trading and the Watch & Manage™ program.

His belief is that knowledge is a key component to successful financial planning. He began contributing to his own 401k as a teenager.

As a number and finance guy, Jarrod said he’s always been intrigued by the potential in the market, “no matter what the markets are doing…and they are ever-changing…there is always opportunity in them. It’s only a matter of being able to find that opportunity.”

Traveling with Impact

Eight years ago, Jarrod fell in love twice. He married his wife, Tina, on one of the tropical beaches of Jamaica. The warmth, tranquility, and relaxed “Sans Souci” (translates as ‘without care’) nature of the island and its people grabbed his heart, so much so they travel back each spring. Aware of the heart-tugging needs of the country, Jarrod and his wife support an Issa Trust Foundation resort.

“Their mission is to provide a system of prevention, health promotion, and education, community health improvement to promote wellbeing and development for the Jamaican people,” Jarrod said. “Every time we go to Jamaica, we bring a suitcase full of supplies for the foundation that includes various school supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, markers, rulers, glue, backpacks, etc.), oral hygiene (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss) or even just a suitcase full of children’s movies for the new pediatric ward at the local hospital.

While the resorts were shut down due to COVID, Jarrod established a GoFundMe for the laid-off resort employees affected by the pandemic. With the help of other resort guests, they were able to raise nearly $14,000 to be split among the resort employees.

Though toes in the sand became their favorite way to relax, the two have a long history of local community theatre involvement which spills over to a love for a good movie. From Action to comedy they are often catching up on the latest movies and like to read the books from which some movies derive.

“We are loving the television series, Outlander right now and that’s probably a major reason why we want to someday expand our travels to Scotland,” he said.