Jim Tausz

As the founder and leader of Bradford for over 50 years, Jim Tausz’s leadership and heart have grown the company in powerful ways. Motivated by every dream our clients achieve on their wealth journey, Jim shares more about his vision, his hero, and his robots.

Why Wealth Management?

Wealth management places the financial advisor in the drama of life. We develop close relationships with our clients and their lives are ever-evolving. There are highs and lows and we’re trusted to be in the middle of all that and take care of their financial well-being.

We’re the right company with the right compassionate team for that responsibility. Bradford was founded on those principles over 50 years ago. It still rings true today. I love being part of our client’s lives. It’s a powerful motivator to see their dreams come true.


You take pieces of where you came from and the people who shaped you into your life. We have a choice in how we use that story. I chose to let it inspire and motivate who I am.

I grew up with a larger-than-life hero. My grandfather was born into a family of 12. He graduated from high school and went to work at a small-town bank as a janitor and bank teller. Before he left this world, he had bought the bank, having worked his way up to becoming president of the bank. I witnessed him helping many good, ordinary people and realized that’s what I wanted to do, too.

That drive pushed me as a young athlete, as I worked hard to make money mowing lawns, unloading freight trains of cement, stacking 100 lb. bags of corn and beans, bailing hay, and walking farm fields pulling weeds. I was the first in my family to graduate college. I went on to earn my master’s degree and CFP® designation while working to earn enough money to follow my dreams. My wife, Judy, and our children have all worked hard because it feels good to achieve dreams and we have grandchildren who will pursue their dreams driven by that same work ethic.

Tackling Giants

Steps to growing Bradford weren’t without risk.

We started the company because we saw a need in this market. After our first few decades, we looked to expand by adding a tax preparation and bookkeeping company to complement the

many other financial services we provided. However, for many years it seemed like an impossible dream. Our local county already supported several CPA firms, tax attorneys, private accounting firms, and individuals offering these services. Many of the people who were in business in this sector were not only active but very good at practicing their craft. The risk was great, and success looked remote for Bradford to enter this market successfully.

After 37 years Bradford’s door of opportunity to offer tax and bookkeeping services finally arrived!  At the time other strong firms and individuals suddenly went from strong and vibrant to weak. The local industry was dwindling in our service areas and for Bradford, the door of opportunity swung wide open. On December 22, 2008, Bradford Tax and Accounting Network

was born. We started with one accountant and have since grown to six accountants and bookkeepers, one CPA, one tax attorney, and two CFP’s. Bradford now has two offices, one in Clarion and the other in Garner, Iowa. We experienced exponential growth year after year.

I’m guided by my faith and a commitment to do good work that takes care of people. I find that my personal relationship with God and taking time to talk to Him, help me to use my skills to make a difference in other’s lives.

But taking time to do what you enjoy energizes me. For 30 years, I was a single and twin-engine private pilot, I like to race fast cars, party with friends and family, bake bread from scratch, I have a small group of robots of various kinds I like to work with, and love to read and write! I am also an Eagle Scout, have several different types of corporations I’m involved in, and I’ve found joy in inventing several financial tools and building various services over my life.

My grandfather proved it’s not what you come into this world with that matters, it’s what you leave behind that truly counts. Emulating that philosophy drives the man I am today.