Spotlight on Shallon Weis

Getting to Know Shallon Weis

We love to put the spotlight on our financial advisors because they bring such a diverse background to Bradford Financial Center. More than just market watchers and spreadsheet analyzers these folks have passions that extend beyond portfolios…and we think you should hear about them.

Where Career Inspiration Was Born

Shallon started her career as an assistant to two financial advisors and that’s just the kind of experience that teaches you the ropes, the demands, and the rewards of helping a client grow their wealth.

“When I saw first-hand how the work we did day-in and day-out was helping these families or couples grow financially it became less about the work and far more personal for me. I watched them as they first set their goals and worked to accomplish steps along the way. It was a natural move for me to advance to the CFP level and today I get an up-close and personal view of these clients achieving their goals,” says Shallon.

But she admits that mentorship matters. All throughout her 20+ year career, key people and professionals imparted advice on how to grow and advance and that’s an area where she, too, wants to be able to give back.

“It’s all about setting goals and allowing a trusted and experienced person to walk along with you to advise on that journey. Being that advisor to clients who I can call friends is entirely rewarding,” she adds. “We have helped clients retire early, take an income from their assets and retirement plans 20 years later may end up, after years of retirement, with more money than they started with. The partnership plays a powerful role in helping them achieve that success.”

It’s very exciting for her to see and be a part of shepherding their wealth growth. Retiring and building a retirement plan is key to enjoying what life has to offer. Similar to seeing a good medical doctor when your ill, it’s important to use an experienced, educated professional to guide you to obtain financial success.

From Work to Play | What Recharges Shallon?

Bring on the outdoors! Even when a pandemic shut down the world around her, she and her family relished in still being able to explore the outdoors. From tractors to camping, Shallon rejuvenates by breathing in the fresh air.

She grew up camping with her parents and brothers and wanted to create the same memories for her two sons

“We’ve always been a camping family, taking our babies on trips across the Midwest. But even more so during the pandemic and I hope these are memories our grown sons hold onto as they explore the world around them,” said Shallon who has been camping across the Midwest with her boys since they were babies.

With the world opening back up, you might also find her and her husband, Josh, at the iconic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Laden with incredible music history, The Surf brings together live music, great friends, and dancing. Learn more about the history of The Surf Ballroom and Museum.

And here’s where her upbringing on an Iowa farm takes a fun spin. Together Josh and Shallon enjoy antique tractor rides. Like long, countryside tractor rides!

The two ride together on an International 656 diesel, hydro. You might seen them riding side-by-side, on a custom-made, double-wide seat. This year, with their antique tractor collecting group (and about 200 tractors) they will complete a two-day, tristate ride out of Waukon, Iowa through Wisconsin and Minnesota.